Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page states the implied and express terms which we supply Forskolin  and any other product ("") which are listed for sale in our website. It’s critical for you to read the terms before you place orders through our website. By ordering any product from us, you agree to abide by our terms, express and implied.

Terms of Service of our private review site

Our site provides the “products” for sale under listed terms and conditions. We endeavor to ensure that your privacy is assured and personal information kept safe. We will never use the information you provide other than for the purpose intended for.

Responsible Use and Conduct

Forskolin offers fantastic results quickly. However, it’s imperative that you take the right dosage according to the instructions which you have been provided with. The recommended dosage must be taken two times a day before meals. This way, it will be able to get into the body system and will be ready to function at the time when a person takes a meal. By the time you take your meals, it will have improved the rate of metabolism in the body thus preventing build up of sugars.

Use of Product Forskolin

Forskolin  is a weight loss product and it’s supposed to be used as such. Proper dosage and use of the product will definitely contribute to the overall success of the weight loss product. Forskolin is extracted from a fruit from South Asia which is known to suppress hunger and burn fat. Because it has powerful ingredients, Forskolin acts fast to deliver fantastic results.


We offer 30 days warranty on Forskolin! We will make sure the price of the product is listed and displayed always, unless when there are errors. Our esteemed customers can enjoy a one month warranty period while using our weight loss products. However, to qualify for the warranty, you will have to abide by our terms and conditions.